Diane V. Orth

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Home Economics

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Edna Page Anderson


Consumer education is an imperative need for every young person. As an integral part of the society, youth must be given adequate instruction in handling the day-to-day decisions necessary to function in the American economic system. Guidance and experience through consumer education can help teenagers develop sound decision-making processes for use throughout life. Competence in dealing with situations of the marketplace, as a means of gaining maximum satisfaction in daily living, seems to be a vital need of today’s youth. Extensive evidence has been collected in the past ten years showing a need for more and better education for all consumers, especially the youth. Today’s youth are important consumers. They make numerous daily decisions that affect the total economy and the quality of life in their home, community and nation. The primary objective of this study is to determine the extent to which that need has been met by assessing consumer knowledge of high school seniors in South Dakota Schools. Results obtained from the study could be used the following ways: (1) As a diagnostic tool to indicate the level as well as the specific areas in consumer education where South Dakota senior students are achieving well or need additional knowledge. (2) As a comparison device to enable assessment of the position of South Dakota students in relation to students of other states. (3) An assessment of the influences of federal policies on consumer education. (4) As an indicator of whether or not there is a need in the South Dakota school system for a specific curriculum policy. (5) As a guide in the formation of consumer education policy, if a need for curriculum policy becomes evident.

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Consumer education -- South Dakota
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