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In communications with Joseph M. Homan, manager of Chemical Technology and G.K. Scharfenberger, manager of New Venture Development of Terra Chemicals International, Incorporated of Sioux City, we were asked to work on a project involving fertilizer solutions. Terra Chemicals wanted to market a mixed liquid fertilizer product containing approximately 25% Nitrogen and 4% Sulfur and having a minimum crystallization temperature of 0C. The company had not previously marketed such a product and had little information available to them for this type of system. The product was to be marketed to areas of low N-S soil in this region of the country. One desirable quality of this product is that there are two plant nutrients in one solution. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient in plants. Nitrogen participates in the synthesis of chlorophyll, is a constituent of all proteins and protoplasm, and is necessary to plant growth. Sulfur's total role has not been fully established. It is known however to be a regulatory element in the synthesis of chlorophyll and in the acceleration of root development. It is also necessary in respiration and the activation of certain enzymes, and is a constituent o the amino acids cystine an methionine. The effect of nitrogen fertilization on crop production has been extensively studied and its necessity widely accepted. The effect of sulfur fertilization has also been extensively studied but its necessity is not as widely accepted. Two examples point out its importance. When 100 lb/acre of sulfur was applied to alfalfa, the total yield increased 70% while protein yield increased 75%. In a study of nitrogen vs. nitrogen-sulfur fertilization on wheat production, a greater yield of up to 21.7% was noted for the nitrogen-sulfur mixture. In addition to increased yields, sulfur fertilization gives increasing winter hardiness of some species, increasing drought control, control of plant diseases, earlier crop maturity, and pest contro1. Development of nitrogen-sulfur liquid fertilizer systems is not a new idea. A literature search revealed many articles particularly in Russian journals of nitrogen-sulfur liquid fertilizers.

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