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Agronomy, Horticulture, and Plant Science

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Jose Gonzalez Hernandez


Wheat is ancient cereal. Wheat has n = 7 chromosomes which is belong to genus Triticum. The group Triticum monococcum sp. aegilopoides(boeoticum) is a diploid wheat (2n = 14). It has a morphology aspect of having narrow, flat spike which usually shatters before harvesting time. The domesticated type of T.boeoticum known as a diploid wheat of Triticum monococcum L. In this research we want to generate a high quality assembly of wild and domesticated type of Einkorn wheat. Our method is using Illumina short sequence reads assembled by both CLC, and W2RAP(Wheat/Whole- genome Robust Assembly Pipeline) software’s. In our approach we will use Triticum monococcum sp. aegilopoides(boeoticum) sequence data. We will use 4 four lanes of Paired end (PE) data with an insert size of 180 bp, 300 bp, and 400 bp and we have three lanes of mate pair (MP) data for 2 kb, 4 kb, and 8 kb insert. This project would help breeders around the world to get the detailed genomic information that will help them fight diseases and increase the overall yield in new varieties. After the annotation of boeoticum genome, we predicted 658 coding genes and 1.122 transcriptomes . In addition, when we did a BLAST, we predicted 463 coding genes. On the other hand, after the annotation of monococum genome we predicted 31.000 coding genes and 70 transcripts. By BLAST we predicted 49.538 coding genes

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