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0-ethyl-S, S-dipropyl phosphorodithioate, technically known as Ethoprop, is a newly introduced insecticide-nematicide manufactured by Mobil Corporation. It is applied directly to the soil where it is believed to exercise a broad spectrum, non-fumigant effect. It has good soil movement and residual properties, and has been used to control rootworms, cutworms, ·nematodes, wireworms, flea beetles and symphylans in corn, tobacco, potatoes, peanuts, bananas, and other crops. The uses of ethoprop are primarily agricultural, thus most of the work done on it to elucidate its properties has been in that area. The little research that has been performed on the biological properties was mainly to determine the probable products of metabolism in plants and animals. Though ethoprop, like other soil insecticides, is applied to the soil in which it exercises its effect, it is not uncommon for animals and other living organisms for whom the insecticide is not intended, to come in contact with it accidentally. The consequences of such contact may be harmful or even fatal to the victims themselves, or indirectly, to other living organisms. It is therefore very necessary to study the biological properties of the insecticide and its unintended effects on zoological species. Menzer et at, and Iqbal et al identified some of the products of ethoprop metabolism in plants and animals respectively, and suggested pathways leading to such products. Subsequently it was thought to be of interest to study the retention and interaction of ethoprop in blood with cholinesterases since most organophosphorus insecticides are known to be cholineesterase inhibitors. The study was also considered important since ethoprop is different from most insecticides in its class which generally must be oxidized to phosphates to gain significant biological activity. Ethoprop is expected to behave differently.

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