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Master of Science (MS)

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Home Economics

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Edna Page Anderson


The purpose of the study was to document changes and adaptations occurring in South Dakota School Lunch Programs following decreased federal funding. A survey was administered to 152 school food service workers, representing 72 school districts, during the 1982 School I Food Service Certification Workshop at South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota. Demographic as well as lunch program information was obtained from the multiple choice and/or open-end question survey. Findings indicated lower participation in programs charging higher lunch prices. Schools serving over 500 noon lunches daily were more likely to use one or more methods to increase participation. Methods to increase participation included involving students in planning menus, using promotional techniques, promoting positive public relations, varying menus and serving best liked menus. The Chi Square analysis showed no significant relationship between using methods to increase participation and an actual increase in participation. No significant relationship was found between specific methods used to increase participation and success in raising participation. An assumption can be made that qualitative and quantitative independent variables, not obtained through the survey, affect the potential success of the school lunch program in South Dakota.

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