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Plant Science


Corn breeders and farmers have long desired development of cultivars which yield well in stressful environments and have the ability to respond to more favorable environments with increased yields. Breeding programs conducted in the past have had difficulty identifying these types of cultivars. A tool which has shown promise in studying dryland performance and responses to irrigation is the Line Source Sprinkler Irrigation System. This system applies continuously decreasing amounts of irrigation as distance from the line source increases. This investigation was conducted to determine the value of such a system in the study of dryland performance and response to irrigation of corn inbred lines currently used as parents of hybrids grown in South Dakota. This study is concerned with the use of this system in establishing correlations between agronomic traits and yield and irrigation; with the use of a statistical technique to differentiate responses of corn inbred lines to irrigation; and to speculate the uses of such a system in an applied breeding program.

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Sprinkler irrigation
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