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Master of Science (MS)

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Physical Education

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Barry C. McKeown


The purpose of this study was to describe the hamstring-quadricep strength ratio, as attained through isokinetic measurement, among eighteen to twenty-two year old female subjects. More specifically, the purpose of the study was to answer the following questions: 1. What is the hamstring-quadricep strength ratio of eighteen to twenty-two year old females as determined by isokinetic testing? 2. How does the hamstring-quadricep strength ratio for females, as determined in the present study, compare to the hamstring-quadricep strength ratio for males of similar age, as determined by isometric testing in previous studies? 3. Is there a significant difference between the hamstring-quadricep strength ratio and the variables age and dominant leg of the subjects? This study was conducted during the school years of 1977-80 in the training room of the gymnasium of Valparaiso University, Indiana. The subjects (N = 188) were volunteers to announcements made in physical education classes, dormitories and sororities for undergraduate females enrolled at Valparaiso University. The subjects were not selected as to height, weight, strength, or other anthropometrical classifications. Neither were the subjects selected as to prior athletic background. The investigator recognized the following limitations: 1. All subjects with existing knee and upper leg injuries, as determined by the preliminary history of the subject, were excluded. 2. No attempt was made to adjust body position to negate the effect of gravity; thus, gravity may affect, positively or negatively, the respective flexion and extension movements performed. 3. No attempt was made to control the activities of the subjects prior to the testing; thus, the subjects could have had various levels of rest or activity prior to the test.

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