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While the SDSU Director of Development is responsible for all fund-raising activities involving SDSU, the athletic department's effort is an independent endeavor administered by the athletic director. All activities of the athletic department involving fund-raising are coordinated with those of the Development Office. As the athletic programs continue to feel the effects of inflation and financial demands continue to sap the athletic budget, fund-raising efforts for athletics remain vital. Efforts for voluntary financial support have become more competitive on our society. Fundraising has been recognized as a big business that demands a well-planned, forward-moving program that is constantly being re-evaluated for flaws or weaknesses. It is suggested that programs with the soundest fund-raising philosophy, most articulate spokesmen, and most effective means of communication of programs will reap the best harvest of available funds. The SDSU athletic fund-raising program continually seeks improvement in the number of donors solicited and amount of monies raised. If, as the literature suggests, the programs organized to cultivate and solicit their alumni and friends are the ones getting the results, an understanding of donor age, location, gender, occupation, level of education, family size, and community involvement is needed in the SDSU athletic fund-raising program. Such information can then serve as one of the bases for fund-raising evaluation in the future. The purpose of this study is to describe selected demographic characteristics of athletic donors to South Dakota State University. This study \vas conducted at South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota, during the 1980-81 school year. The subjects were athletic donors to SDSU from the school year 1979-80 who responded to. a mailed questionnaire or follow-up questionnaire. The study was limited to individual donors. Organizations or corporations contributing to SDSU athletics are not described. Only those donors listed on the fund-raising rolls from July 1, 1979 to July 1 of 1980 are included in the study.

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