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Civil Engineering

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Dwayne A. Rollag


The past years have shown drastic changes in energy costs, largely the changes have been for the worse in the public sector. From 1970 to 1980, the price for one barrel of crude oil rose from $3.15 to $33.50, a 1060% increase. The prices of the various energy sources are shown in Table 1. The result of the increasing energy costs is improved management by energy consumers as well as energy conservation measures throughout the United States. The design of energy efficient units in wastewater treatment plants has been overlooked in the past. As a result of this neglection, the operating budgets for pollution control facilities have increased at an alarming rate. In response to the rise of the electrical bills, this paper will provide a comprehensive energy analysis of the units used at the Brookings Wastewater Treatment Plant. The study will identify the key areas of energy usage followed by a thorough analysis of these units. The objectives-of these investigations are as follows: 1. To evaluate the potential for reducing energy use in the Brookings Wastewater Treatment Facility; 2. To incorporate the most feasible energy-savings measures into the operating schedule of the Treatment plant should any such measures be revealed, and 3. To recommend further energy studies.

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Sewage disposal plants -- Energy conservation
Energy conservation
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