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The purpose of this inquiry was to determine. the effectiveness and the effect of the Socialistic rhetoric of Helen Keller as revealed in selected speeches on behalf of the Socialist movement. For purposes of this study it was necessary to define effectiveness and effect. Effectiveness refers to how well the rhetorical choices matched the established criteria. The effect is the immediate and long-range audience responses to· Keller's rhetoric. To accomplish the stated purpose, an attempt was made to answer the following questions: 1. What was the-historical background of the American Socialist Movement during the period in which these speeches were presented? 2. What were the inventional components in each of the selected speeches? What were the themes presented in each of the speeches, the forms of support, the lines of reasoning? 3. What was the structure of the chosen.speeches, and what was the effectiveness of the arrangement? 4. What stylistic choices did Keller make and what was the effectiveness of these choices? In what ways did her speeches adhere to the qualities of correctness, clearness, appropriateness, and embellishment? 5. What were the practices of delivery used by Helen Keller, and what was the effectiveness of these practices? 6. What were the immediate and long-range effects these speeches had in terms of audience responses?

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Keller, Helen, 1880-1968 -- Oratory



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