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The meat industry presently utilizes large, inefficient storage coolers for cooling carcasses rather than more efficient systems for cooling edible boneless meat. When these facilities are combined with the practice of chilling, reheating and rechilling tons of product each day, the need for efficient processing systems becomes evident. It is this inefficiency which has led to hot processing. Hot processing is the removal of bone and trim prior to chilling and it has several possible economic benefits: (1) removal of bone and trim prior to chilling which reduces the energy required to chill; (2) more rapid chilling; (3) decreased refrigeration space required; (4) reduced cooler shrink; (5) increased product turnover. Also, Solomon and Schmidt (1980) have shown that the ease of salt-soluble protein extraction from prerigor muscle may alter the processing procedure allowing shorter mixing times, larger particle size and reduced salt levels while still. achieving a satisfactory bind. The use of hot processed, prerigor muscle in restructured steaks may also have some disadvantages. Most importantly: {1) a decrease in tenderness due to cold shortening or thaw rigor and (2) difficulty in handling and trimming hot muscle. However, conditioning sides at near physiological temperatures for a period of 3-6 h postmortem may alleviate tenderness problems associated with hot processed muscle. The objectives of this research were: (1) To examine the differences in performance and carcass characteristics between South Devon bulls and steers. {2) To identify any differences in-the quality of chunked and formed steaks caused by sex difference. (3) To incorporate hot processing and high temperature conditioning into the processing scheme of chunked and formed beef steak and examine their effects on the biophysical and organoleptic properties of the restructured steaks. (4) To examine any differences in the biophysical and organoleptic properties of intact loin steaks caused by sex and chill treatments.

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