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The changes in farmland prices are associated with many factors both inside and outside of the agricultural economy. Changing financing methods and terms, the characteristics of farmland buyers and sellers, land productivity and location are a few factors that can affect farmland prices. Information on these factors is not readily available and needs to be compiled in order to better understand the changes in farmland prices in South Dakota. Knowledge of farmland price changes and the factors associated with them is necessary for farmland investment decisions made by buyers and sellers of farmland in South Dakota. This knowledge is also necessary in order to make informed public policy decisions. Agricultural lenders must also be informed of the trends to improve allocation of limited funds. There are two major objectives of this study: 1. To analyze characteristics of and recent trends in agricultural land transactions in South Dakota and substate regions. Major characteristics that will be analyzed include sale price, financing terms and location characteristics. 2. To determine the significance and impact of factors influencing farmland prices in selected areas of South Dakota. Factors that will be included are financial, buyer/seller and land tract variables. The purpose of the first objective is to provide an overview, as well as detailed, description of the farmland market in South Dakota. The second objective's purpose is to statistically test alternative hypotheses of farmland market price behavior in South Dakota.

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