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Information is needed by horticulturists in areas such as chemical use and application, plant diseases and insects, cultural practices, and marketing techniques. Horticulturists can use a variety of sources to get the information they need. They can use printed material, radio or television, and personal sources. The individuals or groups wanting to communicate with horticulturists need to be aware of the kinds of information needed by the horticulturists and the sources used by them. A computer search of current literature disclosed limited findings on the information gathering processes used by commercial horticulturists. However, researchers have studied information gathering processes in other branches of agriculture. For example, George L. Harrison, a graduate student at Auburn University, Alabama, conducted a study in 1977 to find out what information Alabama grain and livestock farmers needed and what sources they used. Harrison stated that the cooperative extension service, agricultural experiment station, state department of agriculture, and crop and livestock reporting service were interested in the kinds of information farmers needed in order to plan programs. Farm organizations, as well as advertisers, wanted to know the most effective methods of reaching Alabama farmers. The present study was initiated to determine what kinds of information South Dakota commercial horticulturists believe they need and what sources they use to get that information. A mail survey was used to collect data on the sources used by horticulturists to supply information in specific subject areas, on the frequency the various sources were used, and on the kinds of information needed.

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