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Agricultural Engineering

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Donell P, Froehlich


The commercial value of the 3.14 million hogs and pigs marketed by South Dakota farmers in 1980 was 278 million dollars. This represents 10 to 12 percent of the total agricultural product sales from South Dakota farms, and ranks South Dakota among the top 10 hog production states. Researchers have documented increases in swine productivity through optimization of the thermal environment for farrowing facilities, which could result in increased profits for South Dakota farmers. Agricultural engineers must continue to develop and evaluate techniques for improving the animal environment to provide producers the means for enhancing productivity. Benefits of relieving the sow of heat stress causes a need to modify the thermal environment in farrowing barns. Jensen stated that the cooling of the entire environment is impractical. Therefore, alternative methods of partial ·modification of the environment using a system that supplied mechanically refrigerated air and a second system that supplied regular outside air to the -sow's head area were investigated. The objectives of this investigation were the following: 1. Compare swine performance as affected by three environmental alternatives for lactating sows: 1) cooled air directed at the sow head area plus conventional ventilation, 2) outside air directed toward the sow head area plus conventional ventilation, and 3) conventional summer ventilation only. 2. Document the effects of the above listed environmental alternatives on swine performance as indicated by sow weight loss during lactation, sow feed consumption during lactation, piglet mortality, piglet weight gain to seven days of age, piglet weight gain during lactation, the time required for the sow to return to estrus after weaning, and sow respiration rates. 3. Evaluate the mechanical operation of the snout systems in the test facility in terms of energy requirements, system life, and maintenance requirements.

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