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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Animal Science

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A.L. Slyter


Due to present economic pressures, sheep producers must utilize every management tool in the most profitable manner. Therefore, many traditional practices must be reevaluated. Research has indicated that some possible areas to improve lamb and wool production are in the use of crossbred ewes, breeding ewes to lamb at 1 yr. of age, feeding a high level of postweaning nutrition, and selection for twins, lamb production, wool production, longevity, and lifetime production. Research is usually performed at experiment stations where the conditions are not typical of those found for commercial operations and therefore may affect the application of the results. By conducting an experiment at several commercial operations, the results should be more applicable to the commercial producer. This investigation was initiated to determine which factors would be most beneficial · to implement on a range operation. This study involved five groups of ewes that were maintained for 5 or 6 yr. of production on several commercial range operations in western South Dakota.

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Ewes -- Breeding
Ewes -- Feeding and feeds
Ewes -- Fertility
Wool -- Growth



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