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This theoretical study has two primary objectives. The first is to clarify the meaning and significance of global education; the second is to expand upon corresponding instructional goals, specifically the teaching of global education as a component of an existing course of study in reading. The author defines goals, objectives and justifications for this study, along with classroom-tested methods of instruction in teaching global education within the context of a third grade reading format. Two additional questions are addressed: first, what is the value of teaching global education in the early grades and second, what is the legitimacy of incorporating global education in the third grade reading curriculum? This targeted strategy for the teaching of global education has not been addressed by educators. To this author 's knowledge, no study or model of global education has been published that features the systematic integration of global education is a specific third grade reading program. The author believes that this study constitutes legitimate geographical pursuit. Geography, as will be established, is a vital component of global education. In addition, this project is an appropriate study for the author because (1) the author's academic field of study is geography, and (2) the author's occupation is education, specifically the teaching of third grade. Teaching at this level encompasses many academic areas, including the teaching of reading and geography. The author will attempt to show how changing technology and increasing interdependence of humans and resources, as well as increasing local ethnic diversity, the omnipresent potential for conflict, environmental pollution, and resource depletion mandates the need for teaching global education. Global education concepts and skills are taught to the author's reading students; they are merged with the conventional reading curriculum. It is hypothesized that third grade students can successfully be taught global education concepts and values through the teacher's adoption of a global education perspective in the instruction of reading.

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