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Stoebner and Schjodt both used a pilot plant which treated raw water with ozone gas for the oxidation of iron am manganese and then passed the treated water through an anthracite coal filter. Both agree that the degree of iron and manganese oxidation was greatly affected by changes in ozone dosage but was not greatly affected by changes in detention time. Both also experienced limited filter runs between backwashing because of iron and manganese breakthrough in the filter effluent. Kirscherman used a pilot plant that involved aeration, potassium permanganate (KMnO4) treatment, basin detention, and filtration through a dual media (manganese greensand overlaid with anthracite coal). Kirscherrnan found that the manganese greensand was capable of reducing total and soluble iron and manganese to within · USPHS recommended limits when passing only aerated water through the filter. In time, the contact bed lost its property for exchanging cations, therefore, regeneration was needed to restore this property. RMnO4 was used for regeneration. KMnO4 was also used for chemical oxidation treatment by continuous application. The pilot plant used in this study involves treating raw water with ozone gas and passing the treated water through a coal/manganese greensand filter. The research objectives of this study are to: 1. determine whether or not a shorter detention time would became a significant factor in the degree of iron and manganese oxidation; 2. compare the iron and manganese removal capacities of the coal filter and the coal/manganese greensand filter; 3. compare the ozone and potassium permanganate pilot systems with respect to iron and manganese removal efficiency; 4. determine the feasibility of converting the Brookings East Water Treatment Facility from a chemical treatment plant to an ozone/greensand system.

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Groundwater -- Purification -- Iron removal
Groundwater -- Purification -- Manganese removal



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