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The problem under investigation in this study is: To what extent do nurse managers and staff accept the expectations of the clinical nurse specialist in four identified role functions? Because the expectations of the CNS role have considerable influence on how the role is implemented, it would seem appropriate to examine the expectations of this role as accepted 9 by nurse managers and staff nurses. The American Nurses Association's (ANA) Social Policy Statement emphasizes that it is critical for the administrator and other nursing managers to whom the clinical specialist is responsible to understand and respect the individual's qualifications and expertise in order for the CNS to have a 10 successful impact on patient care. With the necessary support and cooperation from administration, the CNS can reduce health care costs, promote a higher level of functioning in patients and their families, and increase the level of job satisfaction for 11 staff who provide direct patient care. Edlund and Hodges also support the contention that administrative support is necessary for implementing the role of the CNS. They state that two factors for successful implementation are: 1) support and commitment of the director of nursing service greatly influence the failure or success of the role, and 2) support and commitment of the administrative staff, particularly head nurses, increase the 12 chances for the CNS to be successful. The success of the CNS role is also dependent upon the 13 cooperation of the nursing staff. nurses The CNS can positively affect the patient care given by nursing staff by facilitating clinical competence and by promoting professional development. The CNS assists the nursing staff to become excellent practitioners thus 14 preparing nurses to provide excellent patient care. Furthermore, the CNS strives to motivate nurses to assume 15 responsibility for their own professional growth. In addition, it has been found that the staff units with clinical nurse specialists develop a greater clinical insight than those staff 16 nurses not having the benefits of a CNS.

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