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Nothing in life is so taken for granted when possessed, or so missed when lost, as is health. Therefore, it is essential to possess basic facts if each individual is to take advantage of medical science advances, protect himself against quackery, and obtain an optimum level of health. Health education is recognized by leading educators as of vital importance in educating our youth, but health education has not established itself in a way comparable to other subjects. Kilander noted this fact as early as 1937, and yet, 46 years later, South Dakota's health education programs have not been established. Many South Dakota elementary and secondary schools offer little health education. In 1976, South Dakota was one of only three states which did not require health education, and presently, in 1983, still has no legislative requirement. Previous studies have shown that misconceptions and superstitions in a wide variety of health areas were prevalent among investigated populations regardless of their educational level. With health knowledge growing at an unprecedented rate, health educators need to improve the extent and methods of disseminating that knowledge to overcome these misconceptions and superstitions, while introducing newly discovered information. Individuals must have this factual base for their health attitudes and health behaviors. However, for healthful actions to be followed, students need this essential base of scientific knowledge, for they cannot practice what they do not know. "Knowledge without action is sterile, and action without knowledge is blind". The purpose of the study was to determine the level of health knowledge of selected college freshmen educated in South Dakota. The subjects attended grades K-12 in only one school district.

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