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The City of Brookings, South Dakota is a community with a population of over 15,000, including a campus enrollment at South Dakota State University of nearly 7,000. Brookings is located near the Big Sioux River which flows northwest to the southeast and runs only a couple of miles to the west of town. This community has many low areas which are influenced by the high ground water table of the Big Sioux aquifer. The portions of Brookings between 17th Avenue and 22nd Avenue, 6th Street and Derdall Drive is such an area. Many homes within this vicinity have reported sewage backups which have caused basement flooding. Most often the sewer backups have occurred following large amounts of precipitation. It is suspected that a large number of the homes in this area contribute enough clear water to the sanitary sewer to cause overloading. Sump pumps and foundation titles draining into the sewer are believed to be a source of excessive sewer flows. Leaky sewer pipes are also suspected to cause sewer overload from infiltration in a portion of the sewer network. The City of Brookings is faced with a situation that requires investigation into the problem and a feasible solution that is economical and beneficial to those involved. The objective of this study was to investigate means of reducing the severe sewer loading in the eastern area of Brookings during potential peak infiltration periods. One alternative was to encourage residents with sump pumps to comply with the Clear Water Discharge Ordinance which prohibits the discharge of surface and ground water to Brookings sanitary sewers. It was considered desirable to have these residents voluntarily discontinue pumping clear water into the sanitary sewer.

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Storm sewers -- South Dakota -- Brookings

Sewerage -- South Dakota -- Brookings

Sewerage -- South Dakota -- Brookings -- Maintenance and repair

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