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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering

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Hassan S. Ghazi


This study reports the results of an investigation made on flow through a single constriction and through. two and three constrictions placed in series in the flow path. Two types of constrictions having different geometric shapes were investigated. One was a blunt constriction which had a hollowed cylindrical shape and the other was a conical constriction type with a linearly converging and diverging inlet and outlet geometries water and sugar-water solution were used in the experiments. The sugar-water solution had a viscosity equal to the viscosity of blood. Experiments were run using tubes with diameters comparable to the diameters of arteries and over Reynolds number range 100 to 2300 which covers the Reynolds number range found in the human vascular system. The results show that the pressure drop across single and multiple constrictions can be represented as the sum of a frictional component and a turbulence component. Theoretical equations were obtained for predicting the pressure drop. It was found that water and sugar-water solution resulted in same pressure drop when expressed in dimensionless form.

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Fluid dynamics
Viscous flow



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