Yeon-Ki Chae

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts (MA)

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John Taylor


This study is intended as a contrastive analysis of selected aspects of the phonological systems of English and Korean. Contrastive analysis is basically the manner in which most foreign language courses are taught. The field of contrastive linguistics has recently split into three areas: traditional contrastive analysis, error analysis, and interlanguage. Contrastive analysis is concerned with the comparison of two languages in order to determine both the similarities and differences between them. This study is based phonology which compares on the theory phonological of contrastive languages in order to determine areas properties of two in the phonological system of one language which may create learning difficulties for speakers of the other language. In this study, the focus is on the contrastive analysis of-phonological systems of English and Korean, e.g., sound systems, phonological processes, and phonotactics. Especially in the section of Korean phonology, the emphasis is on purely phonological phenomena, which are dependent upon the formation of phonological rules. In English sections, I treat the important and salient phonological phenomena. The introduction provides general information relevant to this study.

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English Language -- Phonology

Korean language -- Phonology

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