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In New York City theatrical creativity and opportunities were being stifled by economic pressure. Over-crowding, over-cautious producers and over-priced productions were destroying theatre as it had been recognized for the past two decades. Sir Tyrone Guthrie and his staff began searching for an ideal city for a repertory theatre. They believed a repertory theatre could be an outlet or an expansion of New York theatre which would help the theatrical situation of the country. They found the location in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. The year 1988 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre. It is an opportune time to analyze the motivation and reasoning behind Guthrie's actions in of establishing the theatre. The Tyrone Guthrie Theatre has become an integral part of cultural entertainment in the Midwest. The theatre employs some two hundred people, plays to audiences from across the country and attracts directors and designers world-wide. A study of the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre provided an opportunity to examine the philosophy of an influential individual in the theatre world. It allowed for the quality and characteristics of theatre at that time to be reviewed and analyzed. In addition, it provided an opportunity to review the public relations techniques used in establishing the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre. Finally, my background and interest in theatre steered me toward doing such a study. I believe the steps and procedures taken in establishing the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre must be recognized and understood I order to have a full understanding and appreciation of the importance of the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre. When theatre overlaps from an educational basis to a commercial basis there are reasons for it and ways in which it happens. This study specifically addressed the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre in relationship to these areas. The information gathered is beneficial and applicable to similar processes. Others may be able to use this information when establishing arts organizations in their communities.

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Guthrie, Tyrone, Sir, 1900-1971

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