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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Foods and Nutrition

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Michael J. Crews


A convenience sample of 91 Rosebud Sioux diabetics involved in the Rosebud Diabetes Education Program were interviewed while attending diabetes clinics. Information was collected concerning diabetics' health attitudes, knowledge of diabetes, compliance to prescribed diabetic therapy, weight, height, fasting blood sugar (FBS), and blood pressure. A profile developed of the Rosebud diabetics revealed that 88 percent were considered obese, with Body Mass Index (BMI) values ≥26 kg/m. Approximately 43 percent of the subjects had acceptable FBS levels of i180 mg/dl. Average questionnaire scores of the diabetics were 44 percent for positive health attitudes, 71 percent for diabetes knowledge and 63 percent for compliance to diabetic therapy behaviors. An evaluation of the Rosebud Diabetes Education Program showed a general improvement in mean scores for attitude, knowledge and behavior, as well in body indices measurements. None of the detected changes were at a statistically significant level. The purpose of this study was to develop a profile of Rosebud Sioux Indians who have gone through the diabetes education program. Baseline information was collected concerning health beliefs, knowledge of diabetes, health practices related to diabetes, body indices for body mass index, fasting blood sugar, blood pressure and demographic data. A second objective of the study was to determine what effect the 1984 diabetes education program had on diabetics, knowledge, health practices and health beliefs concerning type II diabetes. The information collected in the study was used to evaluate the existing Diabetes Education Program on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. Information from this evaluation can be used to make appropriate changes in the existing program and target new diabetic programs for the Indian population at Rosebud.

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Diabetics -- South Dakota -- Rosebud Indian Reservation
Dakota Indians -- Health and hygiene



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