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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Physical Education

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James E. Lidstone


A qualitative analytical survey of rural, married males (n = 8) examined the nature and meaning of recreation and leisure activity participation for retirees. The data were collected by utilizing a structured interview guide. Additional quantitative data were collected with the aid of the McKechnie Leisure Activities Blank (LAB). The data were synthesized into individual case studies and analyzed for emerging themes and meanings. The findings suggest that these subjects are interested in a variety of recreation and leisure activities, particularly those that involve nature and the outdoors. There is also a tendency to selectively participate with other persons. Participation in physically active recreation has diminished for the subjects. There was strong sentiment against becoming involved with organized activity programs such as those offered by the Senior Citizen Center. A hesitancy to dissociate from previous occupational and select volunteer involvement is also evident, however, overall volunteer work has diminished for these persons. Specifically, the subjects portray an active involvement in activities that interest them and a disengagement in activities that have become less important. The subjects evidence a frugal and practical nature in their recreation and leisure activity participation as well as in the equipment they purchase for these activities. Generally, they take part in activities that are readily accessible and available to them and that are valued in their particular social milieu.

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Older men -- South Dakota -- Recreation

Rural elderly -- South Dakota -- Recreation



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