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The purpose of this study is to provide a general data base for future studies of and planning for studies of the region. It will also provide the people of South Dakota with information needed to derive a better understanding of the geography of South Dakota. The Department of Geography at South Dakota State University has adopted as a major goal of its graduate program the completion of a series of master’s theses on the geography of South Dakota. Each of these theses will examine the geography of one of the thirteen physiographic divisions that exist within the state. By 1988 studies which have been completed for South Dakota include the Coteau des Prairies, James River Highlands, Lake Dakota Plain, Minnesota River Lowland, and South Dakota Sandhil1s. These studies can be found in the thesis section of the library at South Dakota State University. This thesis is conducted with the hope that it will provide useful information for residents of the Coteau du Missouri, the Department of Geography at South Dakota State University, and any other individuals who may have an interest in the region. This thesis is a systematic regional study of the Coteau du Missouri of eastern South Dakota. The Coteau du Missouri occupies an area located on the eastern side of the Missouri River. It extends southward from the South Dakota-North Dakota border to the northwest corner of Bon Homme county in southeastern South Dakota. At its southernmost edge in South Dakota, the Missouri River cuts through the escarpment that forms the eastern boundary of the Coteau. It is nearly 75 miles wide at the North Dakota border, but narrows to a width of about 25miles at its southern edge in Bon Homme and Charles Mix counties. The Coteau occupies a curving belt of territory 200 miles long in a north-south extent between the Missouri River and the James River Lowland which comprises its eastern boundary. The Coteau du Missouri includes parts of 19 counties of South Dakota. These counties are Campbell, McPherson, Walworth, Edmunds, Potter, Faulk, Sully, Hughes, Hyde, Hand, Beadle, Buffalo, Jerauld, Brule, Aurora, Charles Mix, Douglas, Hutchinson, and Bon Homme.

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Missouri Coteau (S.D. and N.D.) -- Description and travel

Missouri Coteau (S.D. and N.D.) -- History



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