Steven Wynia

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Industrial Arts

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Duane E. Sanders


The research described in this thesis involves the documentation and economic analysis of the manufacturing process for making printed circuit boards at Star Circuits Inc., located in Brookings SD. It consists of three parts, the first is a procedural manual, the second is a quality assurance manual and the third is an analysis of the manufacturing cost of printed circuit boards. The procedural manual will be used within Star circuits Inc. to insure that uniform procedures are used in the manufacturing process. The procedural manual provides a standard by which to evaluate an employee's performance on the job. The procedural manual provides a clear picture of what is happening to each printed circuit board as it progresses through the manufacturing process. This is important from the customer’s point of view to insure that quality is assured in each step of the manufacturing process. The procedural manual also provides a section in each procedure on safety and precautions that must be observed during manufacturing. Safety must be monitored and carefully controlled for the following reasons. The first is, to insure employees a safe place to work, free from unknown hazards that can cause injury. The second is to make employees aware of safe practices involved in each process. This in turn makes them aware of the proper procedure to follow at each step of manufacturing process. These concerns will also increase employee moral because they know the company is concerned about their safety and performance. The third is that as safety is emphasized and claims reduced a company will be rewarded by reduced insurance rates and therefore reduced overhead.

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Printed circuits industry -- South Dakota -- Production control

Printed circuits industry -- South Dakota -- Quality control

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