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The problem to be examined in this research effort is whether or not it is possible to provide aero club management with simple, effective, easily applied methods for making financial decisions which will make them self-supporting while meeting the flying demands of their members. The objectives of the study are: 1. Determine a satisfactory means for determining costs and charging flying rates to maintain aero clubs in a financially solvent status. 2. Determine the types of information needed to assist aero club management in achieving the first objective. The procedures developed and concepts employed for the Ellsworth Club model are adaptable for use by all aero clubs. The available regulations and manuals in print on United States Air Force Aero Club management define goals, and guidelines for accounting procedures for use by aero club administration. Management talents and know-how are assumed to be available through the personnel who are selected to direct each club. If qualified individuals are not available, clubs are in danger of closing. The methods described 1n this study should provide adequate guidance to assist conscientious managers in making sound decisions. Given the assumption of the Air Force that individuals associated with flying, as they are in the Air Force, will have a desire to engage in flying activities. The management of aero club resources is an economic activity directed toward the goal of satisfying human wants--that of participating in flying activities. This study will employ economic methods useful to aero club management in choosing types and quantities of flying activities to be produced by each club. It is the proper selection of aircraft, rates, and types of flying that are the basis of aero club activities and, therefore, determine the financial stability of a club and its capability to support itself.

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