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Physical Education


The primary purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between selected components of basketball and winning. Winning was analyzed in three ways: by total points scored, point spread, i.e., difference in points between the losing and winning teams, and final won-loss percentage within the North Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. A secondary purpose of this study was to develop regression equations to predict total points scored, point spread, and final won-lost percentage on the basis of the correlations with the independent variables and the intercorrelations between the independent variables. 1. There is no significant statistical relationship between the selected measurable factors and success in college basketball. 2. A multiple regression equation to significantly predict team success based upon the independent variables cannot be developed. 1. Only games played between the schools in the North Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference during the 1973-74 basketball season were analyzed. 2. Data were collected from a total of 112 games played by the eight North Central Conference teams, thirty-six of which were not analyzed because of incomplete data, making the total number of observations analyzed seventy-six. 3. The statistics utilized in this study were collected by persons appointed by the Sports Information Director or the Sports Information Director himself at each respective North Central Conference School. 4. The factors studied were necessarily limited to those which could be measured as objectively as possible.

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