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In the present study the question of expectations of welfare recipients, specifically income expectations, is addressed. The general population chosen for examination are women and children receiving Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) payments. This general population is examined in an attempt to determine the specific factors contributing to positive or negative income expectations. These factors cover a wide range of socio-economic considerations, such as employment, receivable income, race, age of recipients~ the number of dependent children, and many other factors. The specific problem may be stated as follows: Does an identifiable, identical set of variables exist among unmarried ADC recipients in Rapid City, South Dakota, which can serve to differentiate between recipients with positive and negative income expectations? The specific problem statement may be clarified by stating that the intent of the research is to identify a common set of influences shared by each recipient which either contribute to positive or negative income expectations. The present research effort has three major objectives. They are: (1) To estimate whether or not the hypothesized set of underlying variables serves as a basis for discriminating between groups with differing income expectations. (2) To test the statistical significance of differences between groups with differing income expectations, based on a linear combination of the hypothesized set of variables. (3) To assess the relative contribution of each variable to separating groups with differing income expectations.

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Child welfare -- South Dakota -- Rapid City

Welfare recipients -- South Dakota -- Rapid City

Income forecasting --South Dakota -- Rapid City



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