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In many instances, students fail to adjust to the regular school situation and consequently drop out. To counteract this, Florence Public School District Number One, instituted a program titled "Special Vocational Education”, which is an attempt to meet the needs or what is termed the "disadvantaged students." This study is of utmost importance in that it is an investigation to determine whether or not this special program is keeping the majority of the enrolled disadvantaged students in school. It is also important to know the amount of growth in academic skills and social traits made by the students each year. This knowledge will facilitate adjusting the program accordingly. If the program is successfully keeping these students in school, then it must be expanded to meet the needs of our entire “disadvantaged” student population. If it is not effectively keeping them in school and aiding them in obtaining progress academically and socially, then the program will need to be either altered or replaced. The procedure consisted of determining if the Special Vocational Education Program was effective in retaining the disadvantaged students in school until high school diploma completion. After having reviewed the available information on dealing with disadvantaged students, and after having worked with this special program for one year the writer began an evaluation procedure based on the questions outlined in the Statement of the Problem.

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