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Master of Science (MS)

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Animal Science


The future or the beef industry will be determined by the cost or production or edible product and the efficiency by which beer is produced. If the price or beer becomes excessively high in relation to other protein sources, an alteration in consumers diets can be expected. Also, the world is ever more conscious of its limited resources and concerned about efficient use or available food sources. The role of the animal breeder in the beer industry is to identity the most efficient methods or animal breeding. Crossbreeding is a potential method or improving production when heterosis exists and is important when combining effects are large and economically important or when combinations of several traits yield economically desirable results. The purpose or this thesis is to evaluate the effects of crossbreeding on growth rate, feed efficiency and carcass characteristics. Increased growth rate, improved feed efficiency and improved carcass characteristics would decrease the growing and fattening period, reduce overhead costs, decrease feed requirements ani increase the percentage yield or edible product.

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