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A study such as this is important in that a student with the desire to keep abreast of current events should have an equal opportunity to read the current periodicals. If the home is unable financially to provide this material, the schools should assume the role of provider. If all students have access to current materials and do not depend upon library periodicals; perhaps the amount of money being budgeted cannot be justified. The objectives of this study were to determine: 1. What media did the students of Brookings High School use for information gathering and/or opinion formulation concerning current issues? 2. How the use of different types of media varied according to selected socioeconomic and scholastic achievement factors? 3. What socioeconomic and scholastic achievement factors helped explain variant use of the school library as a resource to aid in better understanding current issues. For the purposes of this study literature published from 1960 to the present and related to the selection and use of media by high school students was reviewed. The year 1960 was chosen as the earliest date because before 1960 television was not a major media resources in South Dakota. This section of the study reports such literature and summarizes pertinent generalizations derived from the review.

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High school students -- South Dakota -- Brookings -- Attitudes.
Library resources -- South Dakota -- Brookings.
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Mass media and youth -- South Dakota -- Brookings.
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