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Whenever man begins to alter these naturally occurring events, problems arise which must be answered. In the case of engineered soil systems, it is the engineer who must cope with these problems. As discussed later in the review of literature, previous studies conducted on similar types of soil at different locations have revealed different infiltration rates and quality improvements. These contrasting results have indicated that data obtained from other studies cannot be used to reliably predict the infiltration rates or improvements in water quality for soils at different locations. Due to the complex nature of the different soil types and characteristics of the applied effluents, only an in-depth study at a proposed location will provide reliable information regarding infiltration potential and quality improvements at the site. For this reason, it was decided to perform a study at the Brookings sewage treatment facility. Through the cooperation of the city officials a small pilot study was conducted near the Brookings stabilization ponds. The procedure involved the passage of stabilization pond effluent through two lysimeters containing compacted soil. Samples of influent and effluent were collected from each of the independently operated lysimeters. The samples were measured to determine the infiltration rate and analyzed to evaluate the quality of the water. The study was conducted with the following objectives: 1. to determine the. infiltration rate of the lagoon effluent passing through the soil, 2. to compare the qualities of influent and effluent from the lysimeters and determine if effluent quality standards would be met, 3. to determine the changes in infiltration rate and effluent quality with time after continuous inundation, 4. and to determine if a high quality effluent could be obtained at sufficient infiltration rates to make soil absorption a practical tertiary treatment method at this location.

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