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The objectives of this thesis are: 1. To review some of the major problems associated with the movement of grain and farm input supplies. 2. To estimate the relationship between the multiproduct elevators annual volume and its grain handling costs. 3. To estimate the cost of moving grain to the elevator from the farm and from the elevator to the first destination terminal. 4. To estimate, from objectives two and three, the least-cost size and number of country elevators in South Dakota. 5. To determine the least-cost size and location of country elevators in western South Dakota by applying methods of linear programming. This study is limited geographically to the state of South Dakota. To consider more accurately the variations in production density within the state, and to account for the various kinds of grain production, the state was divided into six districts. Several kinds of data were required to accomplish the objectives of this thesis. First, the estimated relationship between the multiproduct elevator's annual volume handled and its grain handling cost was determined from cost data obtained from accounting records and interviews with selected elevator managers in South Dakota. Second, data needed to estimate the cost of moving grain from the farm to the elevator were obtained from the 1970 Crop and Livestock Report, from the 1971 survey of country elevators, and from a study of elevators in Kansas. Third, the cost of moving grain from the elevator to the terminal was established by using two sources. Data relating to the cost of moving grain by train were obtained from the Minneapolis Grain Exchange's Grain Rate Book No. 9. These rates were the rates applicable on March 1, 1972. For the cost of moving grain by truck, data were obtained from the January 1971 survey of country elevators.

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