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Plant Science


The genus Agropyron contains many important species useful for pasture and hay as well as soil conservation throughout the temperate regions. In the United States most of the cultivated species of Agropyron have been introduced from Russia, Siberia, and other regions around the Black Sea. Varieties have been selected from many of the original introductions and also some introductions have been used in their original condition. In some instances, it has been difficult to correctly identify the original introduction since they may have been introduced as mixtures. Two of the most important Agropyron species Agropyron intermedium (Host) Beauv and Agropyron trichophorum, (Link) Richt., are confused by the taxonomists, because the differences between them are very minor. Even in selected varieties of Agropyron intermedium segregation may occur which may be classified as Agropyron trichophorum. The purpose of this study is to find whether these are actually two separate entities as constituted in their native habitats. It was considered that a study of the natural variation occurring within native Agropyrons of these species would help to clarify their classification and indicate the proper classification of previously introduced materials. An opportunity to make such a study was afforded from collection obtained from Erzurum Valley in Eastern Turkey, where these Agropyrons species are native.

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Agropyron intermedium.
Agropyron trichophorum.



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