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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering


The purpose of my thesis is to investigate the impulse voltage breakdown strength of Octafluoropropane gas as a function of the temperature of the gas. The standard 1.5 x 40f4sec. positive polarity impulse waveshape was used in alt the tests. The investigation was made with and without a weak source of irradiation present near the eel I. Two types of electrode systems were used: three fourth inch sphere to grounded plane which represented a fairly uniform field, and a point to grounded plane representing a highly non-uniform field. The tests were carried out to room temperature to a temperature of 150°C. The impulse ratios of the gas was also plotted using some of the data from Roman's thesis. Impulse Ratio is defined as the ratio of the impulse crest voltage strength and the crest value of 60 Hz one-minute voltage withstand test. It is a very important factor for designers from an insulation co-ordination point of view.

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Electric discharges through gases



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