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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering


The Heathkit Model EC-1 Educational Analog Computer, priced at $199.95, is the least expensive general-purpose analog computer on the market. This computer contains nine unstabilized vacuum tube de amplifiers with de open loop voltage gain of about 1000. The low amplifier gain, and amplifier drift limit the accuracy of the solution. Results obtained are sometimes confusing. Many integrated circuit operational amplifiers available on the market seem to give much better performance, priced from a few dollars in monolithic form up to hundreds of dollars in hybrid form. The low-cost operational amplifiers, designed for various applications, are usually not intended for use in an analog computer. The purpose of this study is to select and evaluate low cost integrated circuit operational amplifiers which are capable of analog computer application. If such operational amplifiers, which meet desired specifications, can be found they are to be incorporated into the analog computer to replace the vacuum tube operational amplifiers. It is expected that these modifications will result in more accurate and more reliable operation with fewer maintenance problems. Another advantage of this modification is its low operating voltage, ± 10 volts, thus enabling the use of lower voltage devices and interconnection to other forms of integrated circuits. In the fast-growing field of integrated circuits, digital logic circuits and some function generators are available at reasonable prices. This renders further improvements and hybridization of the analog computer more attractive.

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