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What is the need for facsimile transmission? With the rising postal and other transportation and distribution costs, there· certainly is a pressing need for facsimile transmission today. Facsimile transmission is simple; it involves sending something from one point _to another. All one has to consider is resolution, which refers to the closeness at which the copy is examined, usually the number of lines used to scan one inch, speed and cost. High resolution facsimile can be utilized for remote printing of newspapers utilizing the satellite printing plant concept. By using facsimile, camera-ready material can be put on a scanner, which sees the original image one scan line at a time and scanned with sufficiently high resolution to preserve all of the details including the half-tones which reproduce the shades of gray as well as the white and black portions of a picture, to come out with a film negative for plate making at the other end.

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