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The sport of racquetball has rapidly gained popularity throughout the country. Racquetball evolved from the game of paddleball, and confusion in the use of these two terms continues to exist. Paddleball is played with a solid paddle and a Pennsylvania 100 ball which has a pin hole through the surface. Racquetball is laying with a strung racquet and a Seamless 558 ball. The recently organized (1968) International Racquetball Association sponsors singles and doubles competition for men and women of all ages, from under nineteen(Juniors) to over forty(Masters). Racquetball has also experienced rapid growth in popularity among college women as a recreational and fitness activity. This growth has requested in an increased demand for basic instruction courses in racquetball. A review of existing skills tests disclosed a lack of tools for the assessment of racquetball skills. There is a definite need to devise valid, reliable tests to aid in teacher evaluation of the student and self-evaluation in racquetball. The purpose of his study was to develop a battery of skills tests that would accurately measure playing ability of college women enrolled in beginning classes of racquetball.

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