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The State Department of Environmental Protection has stated that its goal is to have all solid waste generated in the State of South Dakota, stored, collected and disposed of in a manner which does not cause environmental degradation, potential health hazards, or nuisances to the citizens of South Dakota or its visitors(1). It is the intent to provide efficient economical solid waste management systems throughout the entire State. In addition to properly managed solid waste disposal sites, it is also desired that efficient, routine collection systems be provided in all communities wherever the population is sufficient to support such a collection system(1). The objectives of this study are: 1. To define the solid waste problem as it exists in Brookings County; 2. To study the solid waste problem for a rural area; 3. To estimate the quantity of solid waste involved in Brookings County, both urban and rural; 4. To propose a possible solution to the solid waste collection and disposal problem in a rural area, specifically Brookings County; 5. To estimate the cost of a rural solid waste collection system.

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Refuse and refuse disposal -- South Dakota -- Brookings County

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