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The scope of this study includes the modification of an EPR spectrometer for acquisition of low temperature data. The modification involved adaptation of the system for use with a cylindrical cavity specifically designed for low temperature operation. This modification increased the capability of the present system for data collection at liquid nitrogen temperature and gave such greater stability than the rectangular cavity previously used. A comparison was made of signal to noise for the two cavities. This study showed a somewhat greater signal to noise ratio for the low temperature cylindrical cavity. Operation at low temperature also allowed the observation of structure not observable at room temperature. The particular ion investigated was the Mn++ ion in zonc hyperphosphite which was not previously been reported in the literature. Its spectrum is reported and a preliminary analysis presented. This spectrum is then compared to that of Mn++ doped into a Mn0 crystal since it results in a much simpler spectrum which is well understood.

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Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy Low temperatures



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