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The study and literature herein described was instituted for the purpose of examining the application of the stabilization pond effluent at Madison, South Dakota, to a soil type present in that area. The literature emphasized the importance of investigating the soil and water at each location because of variations witnessed in nearly every land application system that has been studied. With much assistance from officials of Madison, South Dakota, a lysimeter study was performed at the Madison lagoon by passing stabilization pond effluent through local soil,, collecting the resultant water to measure the rate of infiltration and analyzing the resultant water quality. In this way the following objectives were to be met: 1. To determine the feasibility of operating an infiltration percolation basin in the Madison area based on limitations posed by infiltration rate. 2. To evaluate the water quality resulting from such a basin. 3. To determine if the water quality standards could be met by treatment with such a basin.

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Sewage lagoons

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