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With these objectives in mind, this study attempts to answer the following questions: 1. What is the number of children’s hospitals and pediatric department of large general hospitals in the United States having children’s educational and/or recreational program as compared with 1966 and 1971? 2. What skills and competencies do administrators perceive as necessary and desirable in child care workers? 3. What are the educational and personal characteristics of present children’s educational and/or recreational program administrators and staff? In addition to these specific questions, some information was sought about types of programs, the number of children and staff involved, placement of programs in the hospital structure, and the use of volunteers. In summary, the present study will extend Dombro’s (1967) and Wilsons (1971) surveys of children’s educational and/or recreational programs in the United States to gather specific information on qualifications and characteristics of present personal and the qualifications and competencies desirable in child care workers, and also will delineate changes in the number of programs since 1971.

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