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Civil Engineering


This paper deals with the development of a water quality management strategy for the Big Sioux Basin located in eastern South Dakota. The first step in the development of a strategy is the collection and review of all available literature and data for the basin. From this information a physical description of the basin with regard to location, geology, climate, and hydrology can be made. Also, information on the history, population, economy and development of the basin should be included. Comparisons of available surface water quality data of the basin to existing surface water quality standards should be, made to judge the overall surface water quality, and perhaps emphasize problem areas. Point source loads and locations should be inventoried for the basin, and if possible, non-point sources identified. Based upon the above mentioned literature and data collections, conclusions and recommendations should be proposed with regard to the needs and requirements of the basin.

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Water quality management -- South Dakota

Big Sioux River (S.D.)



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