Gary Esboldt

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Physical Education

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Neil Hattlestad

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Barry C. McKeown


Significant weight reduction and decrement in shooting performance resulted from participation in competitive basketball. College males (n=21) with a mean age of 19.4 yrs were assigned to 4 basketball-teams according to their level of involvement, intramural participants (untrained=10) and intercollegiate players (trained=ll). Eighteen Ss completed. the study. Each team consisted of 5 players per session. Anthropometric data of ht, wt, and % body fat were collected.

Treatment consisted of a 36 minute workbout comprised of 3 competitive basketball games of 12 minutes each on 2 separate days. Replicated pre- and post-treatment measurements of basketball related skills involved modified vertical jump, dribble agility, and shooting tests. Wt measures were also recorded pre- and post treatment. Data were analyzed using an independent t-test, an independent t-test, and Pearson Product-Moment correlation coefficient. Participation in competitive basketball resulted in the following finds: ·a sig reduction in wt (p < .01) a sig diff in wt loss between trained and untrained groups (p < .01), a sig decrease in shooting proficiency (p <.05), and no sig diff in power and agility measures (p < .05).

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Basketball Dehydration (Physiology)



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