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The expansion of the dairy industry to all parts of our country has caused further search for protein feeds suitable for dairy cattle, both from the standpoint of the cow, and as an economical feed. The dairy farmer has been urged to produce roughages high in protein, but these usually do not suffice to make a balanced ration for high producing cows. Oil meal, cottonseed meal, and gluten meal have long been used as supplements in grain mixtures and have given satisfactory results. These concentrates are produced in limited areas, hence must be shipped, which adds to their cost, besides the supply is limited. Recently the soybean as a forage crop, soil improver, and as a protein feed has been given attention. The soybean plant in its seed provides more protein per acre than does any other seed bearing legume plant which grows in the temperate zone. With the many varieties now available, soybean seed can be grown in all parts of this country. Home grown proteins in many cases result in more economical production of milk and butter fat. Since flax and cottonseed, from which come most of our protein supplements, are limited in amount, soybeans prove a valuable crop in many sections.

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