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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Construction and Operations Management

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Yilei Huang


Electrical Construction layout, Mixed Reality, Visualization


Innovation and development of technology in the field of visualization have affected the way of designing, presenting, and interacting of the design in the architecture and construction industry. With the invention of the Mixed Reality (MR) device, HoloLens, 2016, many researchers and construction practitioners have marched their research of implementing the MR application in the construction industry. However, there is scarce research on the MR application review, the workflow of using BIM models with the HoloLens, its implementation in the site, and the benefits and challenges of the MR application in the construction site. The gap in the research needs yet to be filled, and this research paper will help to bridge the gap. For this research, the MR application that was available in the market at the time of research were identified through internet research and literature review. The MR applications were installed in two HoloLens and were tested on-site and lab for the construction of the electrical layout. The capabilities of the MR application were studied in the lab and site. The features including scaling, alignment, move, drag, rotate, team collaboration, navigation, and measurement utilities were studied. From the study, the MR application provides several benefits in on-site layout and as-built verification of electrical layout including 3D visualization, less manual work, instruction and demonstration of the construction process, error detection, remote support, quick decision-making, and easy documentation, and efficient progress tracking. Along with the benefits, the MR application has a few challenges while applying it on the site including stud locations, typical rooms, and model drifting. In addition, the limitations of using the MR application were studied. Future research will focus on solving one of the challenges, model drifting, through automatic alignment with survey point references.

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Mixed reality.
Construction industry.
Electric wiring.



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South Dakota State University


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