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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)



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Mylo A. Hellickson


The central hypothesis of this study is that energy supplies will force the South Dakota agricultural industry to make production process adjustments. The specific hypotheses formed to assist this study are as follows : 1 ) Energy consumption per acre, for crop production purposes in eastern South Dakota varies geographically. The geographical variations are caused by a variation in basic crop mix . 2) If shortages in energy occur a change in crop mix, in total crop output, and in net income per acre, and per unit of energy consumed will occur. Small grain production will replace row crop production. The central objective of this study is to determine what effect a change in energy availability will have on South Dakota agriculture. To evaluate the hypotheses in this study, the following specific objectives must be accomplished:
1) To estimate the total energy consumed/acre in South Dakota east of the Missouri River, in the "on-farm" production process.
2) To estimate what relationship exists between energy consumed, crop mix, crop location and number o f acres of crop produced.
3) To discuss the change in crop mix, output and net income, which will occur on eastern South Dakota farms when energy quantity or price constraints are applied.

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Agriculture ǂx Energy consumption.
Field crops.
Agricultural machinery -- Fuel consumption.
Agriculture -- Energy consumption -- South Dakota.



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