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Master of Science (MS)

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Health and Nutritional Sciences


The purpose of this study was to conduct and comparative analysis of the nature and frequency of participation in recreation programs of the Brookings Parks and Recreation Department and the sources of revenue used in support of these activities. The study has been deemed significant as the present researcher was unable to fund and evidence that studies on the nature and frequency of participation as related to cost have been attempted. It was hoped that this study might provide a framework for data collection for future studies of a similar nature. The study was designed and conducted to provide Parks and Recreation Departments with information which would help those agencies determine the extent of non-resident participation and assist in the development of policies regarding such participation. It was also believed that the study might be indicative of the recreational needs of the non-resident population and could be taken to the officials in county government for their information in future county recreational support and planning. Finally, the study was significant in that the present researcher was unable to locate many studies relating to problems of rural recreation administration, particularly in the State of South Dakota.

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